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Recommended EliteFTS Cheap mail order specialty store Red Shoulder Saver Pad

EliteFTS Red Shoulder Saver Pad


EliteFTS Red Shoulder Saver Pad


Product description

The smaller, compact brother to the original EliteFTS Shoulder Saver Pad, the Red Shoulder Saver Pad is designed to protect your shoulders while still allowing you to bench. The Shoulder Saver is arguably the best bench builder on the market and understandably so: The Shoulder Saver has a much smaller weight displacement compared to boards. This requires the lifter to stay tighter in the hole, instead of relying on the comfortable, large weight displacement of the boards. For a raw bencher, this is crucial, as 95% of bench press weakness is in the hole or a few inches above. The bottom of the Shoulder Saver is rounded - adding the potential for rolling if you're not gripping the bar with effort. This feature was intended to keep the lifter staying tighter and more focused on proper grip and wrist alignment. On top of these challenging aspects, the EliteFTS Shoulder Saver does what it's name implies - saves your shoulders! The Shoulder Saver is perfect for injured lifters as well as those rehabbing pecs, shoulders, or even elbows. Limiting the Range Of Motion with the Shoulder Saver is a perfect way to ease back into heavy pressing as well as keeping overreaching athletes healthy. As we all know, the board press is the single greatest accessory movement for developing a strong bench. However, not everyone has a partner that can hold the boards for them - leading to the ridiculous and dangerous method of sticking boards under your shirt. The Shoulder Saver eliminates this need for a partner and allows you to bench in confidence. The EliteFTS Red Shoulder Saver is slightly smaller in diameter than the original, equating to a 1.5 board.

EliteFTS Red Shoulder Saver Pad

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